Healthy Living Newsletter | Summer 2017

IN THIS ISSUE Download the PDF.   Spring Shape Up! Easy Tips to Get Moving! New Fertility Program With personalized, one-on-one care When to use ExpressCare vs ED How to know where to go Burning Issues with Heart Burn & GERD What are the symptoms? Tips to Manage it Rest Assured! 13 Tips for a… Read more »

Healthy Living Newsletter | Fall 2016

Know your numbers!  Do you know the proper serving size of meat or how many hours of sleep are recommended for you? This issue of Healthy Living will tell you that and much more! Facts about the Flu & Flu Shots: There is crispness in the air and leaves are starting to turn. What does this… Read more »

Healthy Living Newsletter | Summer 2016

Simple Steps to a Healthier YOU! Ok so you’ve read the blogs, seen the headlines and heard it on the news – eat healthier, exercise, lose weight and see your doctor. But HOW do you get started? This issue of Healthy Living will do just that! Start simply by doing just one or two things!… Read more »

Healthy Living Newsletter | Fall 2015

Welcome to the October edition of the Healthy Living Newsletter for MetroHealth Select members! This month, we bring you some healthy living tips, ways to access MetroHealth services and locations, and a recipe for tasty, healthy minestrone soup.