As health care costs continue to rise and coverage options become more complex, the advantages of Skyway Health Care are creating the health care solutions of tomorrow, right here in Northeast Ohio. With our solutions, employers can implement cost-effective benefit designs for employees that can save hundreds or thousands compared to other plan choices. Welcome to a partnership that looks out for your best interest. Welcome to Skyway.


Save hundreds, even thousands compared to other plans

Custom Designed

Custom Designed

Fully customizable, flexible health care options

Greater Access

Full access to a network of top-quality providers


Constantly adapting and updating plans


Access to primary care services in a fixed, cost-effective manner

Access Options

Discounted fees for services outside your coverage

Proactive Health

Wellness promotion helps prevent chronic disease


Healthy people are happier, more productive

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    Skyway Health Care was designed to offer top-quality care coverage options, customized to meet your business needs while creating a vibrant, healthy community.