Dr. Holly Perzy discusses health care disruption in NE Ohio on NPR’s The Sound of Ideas.

On this episode of The Sound of Ideas, Dr. Perzy discusses how Skyway Health Solutions is going directly to employers to help lower their health care costs by understanding the unique issues facing employers in NE Ohio. Based on this analysis, the Skyway team of care designers customize solutions to lower the health care costs in the right way as every employer is unique.

Dr. Perzy talks about addressing employer’s needs with claims data analysis to determine the areas of focus by having transparency of costs, evaluating the high cost areas and working with their brokers and TPAs to align incentives in the benefits plan. In addition, she mentions there are also more cost-effective ways to deliver quality health care to employees by using telemedicine or other methods that provide the care in a more convenient, lower cost setting providing savings to both employers and employees.

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