Where can I go if there is a medical emergency?

In a medical emergency, go to the nearest emergency department. You will be required to pay a copay.

Where must I go for an inpatient hospital stay?

MetroHealth now offers 3 locations for inpatient hospitalization. MetroHealth Medical Center, 2500 MetroHealth Drive, Cleveland (off of West 25th Street, just down the street from the Westside Market). In addition, MetroHealth has reimagined the hospital experience by opening two new medical centers in Cleveland Heights and Parma. To find out more about the new hospitals, visit metrohealth.org/cleveland-heights or metrohealth.org/parma.

Where can I get a prescription filled?

MetroHealth providers will e-prescribe your medication to the location of your choice. MetroHealth pharmacies also offers 11 pharmacy locations. Visit metrohealth.org/pharmacy for the latest information. MetroHealth pharmacies can sometimes provide brand name prescriptions at a lower cost. Contact us and we will check the prescription for you.

Can I get my prescriptions sent to my home if I take them daily?

Yes. MetroHealth offers home delivery for maintenance prescriptions taken daily. Call 216-957-MEDS (6337) or visit metrohealth.org/home-delivery-pharmacy for information.

Where can I go if I need surgery?

For inpatient surgery, patients go to MetroHealth Medical Center, 2500 MetroHealth Drive, Cleveland 44109 (off of West 25th Street, just down the street from the Westside Market). For outpatient surgery, MetroHealth offers outpatient surgery at our main campus as well as: MetroHealth West 150th Health & Surgery Center at I-71 and West 150th Street; Brecksville Health and Surgery Center, 9200 Treeworth Blvd., Brecksville.

Where can I go for primary and specialty care visits?

MetroHealth offers close to 30 locations in Cuyahoga and Medina counties, visit metrohealth.org/locations

Where can I go for a non-life threatening urgent medical issue, including after hours and on weekends?

MetroHealth offers MetroExpressCare locations which are similar to urgent care centers but only charge an office visit copay -- check wait times, hours and addresses at metrohealth.org/expresscare. Locations include Beachwood, Broadway (Slavic Village), Middleburg Heights, Ohio City and West Park for minor illnesses and injuries.

How do I make an appointment?

Skyway offers the SkyConnect Line at 216-778-8818 exclusively for members to schedule appointments, ask questions and general customer service.

Do I need to switch my doctors?

To use the Skyway plan, you must have MetroHealth providers. When you receive your insurance card in the mail, call the Skyway Connect Line at 216-778-8818, and our staff will assist you in registering you as a new patient and scheduling your new appointment. When you go to your first appointment, the provider will decide if he/she needs any medical records from your previous physician and contact them directly.

What is a provider?

Skyway offers both physicians and nurse practitioners for your care.

Why is a third-party administrator (TPA) also listed on my insurance card?

The third-party administrator administers the Skyway plan. This means they pay the claims, provide the insurance coverage and print/mail the insurance cards.

What if I need a medical service that the MetroHealth System does not provide?

There are very few medical services not provided by the MetroHealth System. Should you need a medical service not provided by MetroHealth, you must obtain pre-authorization from the TPA. The pre-authorization phone number is listed on your insurance card. Call the pre-authorization number prior to scheduling any out-of-network services.