The Skyway client services team is making a positive difference – daily – for both employees and employers.  This special team handles a variety of member requests, from benefit and billing inquiries to daily encounters with hospitalized patients.

Here are just a few examples.

  • A Skyway Care Coordinator contacted a patient with diabetes who had not seen his PCP nor had lab work done in more than a year. The coordinator reached out continually, gently encouraging the patient to schedule an appointment and sharing educational materials about managing diabetes.  As a result, the patient made an appointment with his physician and began to change his lifestyle and manage his diabetes.  The patient’s blood sugar levels have decreased and he continues to schedule follow up appointments.
  • A Member Liaison Specialist recently helped a woman who, after visiting the Emergency Department 4 times for shortness of breath and chest pain, was having difficulty getting a timely appointment with a cardiologist. Our Specialist was able to get her an appointment within the week.  Our Specialist assisted another patient with significant discomfort from gallbladder issues in scheduling a specialist appointment within 2 weeks, when the patient needed a sooner appointment.
  • Our Nursing Staff observed that a patient wasn’t eating much of her meal. When they inquired, they learned that she was vegan and couldn’t eat much of what she had been served.  The nurses made a special trip to the kitchen to get her a suitable replacement meal and took care to post a sign outside her door alerting the meal delivery team that she needed vegan meals.

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