From left to right: Dr. Eileen Seeholzer, Francesca Scarl, Dave Cowden, and Dr. Holly Perzy


The SkyWell Healthy program earned HKM Direct Market Communications, recognition.

The Healthy Business Council of Ohio (HBCO) will recognize 73 Ohio employers for healthy worksite practices during the 14th annual Healthy Worksite awards presentation. Among the winners, HKM Direct Marketing Communications will take home a bronze award for their work with SkyWell Healthy.

The wellness services Skyway provides to HKM includes a customized wellness portal for employees as well as strategic planning, data verification services, and reporting to help the on-site health coach with implementation, further engaging employees with their wellness goals.

The MetroHealth System team and Skyway will also be presented with a gold award for our work with their health system employees through SkyWell Healthy.

“Wellness programs are effective tools to engage employees in a more productive culture,” David Cowden, Chair of HBCO said. These programs most importantly help employees become healthier and happier, but also help drive down healthcare costs while driving up the bottom line.”

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