Our wellness solutions are a health and wellness management solution providing members with tools and activities to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors to reduce health risks, improve quality of life, and enhance personal effectiveness.

Through the SkyWell program, Skyway helped a client with 6,000+ employees avoid increase in health costs for over 4 years!

John Carroll University earned a HBCO Platinum Award.



HKM Direct Market Communications and Rocky River School District each earned a Healthy Gold Award.



Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority earns HBCO Bronze Award.

Wellness Solutions

  • Designed exclusively for each employer to fit your company’s priorities and budget.
  • Health and safety workplace assessments.
  • Strategic wellness plan development.
  • Cultural support and behavior change interventions.
  • Sophisticated wellness portal.
  • Measurement and evaluation.
  • Health coaching online and/or on-site.
  • Health risk assessment, biometric screenings and other programs.

Your Benefits

  • When well-being is a priority, employees feel good, 
are engaged, and energized in all aspects of life.
  • Wellness promotion helps prevent chronic disease.
  • Rewards and contest entices program participation.
  • Healthier employees are happier, more productive, and use less sick time.

Current SkyWell Clients