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Skyway affordability.


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Quality care.
Great value.



Cost-effective. Smart.

Skyway provides a unique approach to health care coverage—one that takes your health care dollars much further than they can with traditional insurance.

With Skyway, you can create a health plan that fits the needs of your business and employees. Our integrated network of providers boasts proven clinical excellence, convenient locations, and cost-effective rates. If your company is seeking to reduce overall health plan costs without sacrificing the quality of health care, consider Skyway. Together, we’ll make health care more accessible, affordable, and easier to navigate.


Skyway’s integrated provider network includes:

  • Primary care
  • Specialty care
  • Behavioral health
  • Pharmacy services

MetroHealth, the cornerstone of our network, has state-of-the-art hospitals and national recognition for high-quality, value-driven medical care—proving it’s a health system of choice in Greater Cleveland.


With nearly 1,000 providers at 30+ facilities within a 15 minute drive from anywhere in Cuyahoga County, your employees have convenient locations near them. And if assistance is needed, your employees only have one number to call: Skyway. We help members find providers, schedule appointments, navigate the health care system, address questions, and transition care if necessary. Everything we do is focused on simplifying and personalizing health care for our members.


By directly contracting with Skyway, you’ll receive greater value and control over costs. Plus, employees benefit from:

  • Lower copays
  • Lower deductibles
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs

Bottom line: We impact yours by helping you build a customized solution that reduces health care costs for you and your employees.


Whether a full replacement for health insurance or an additional health plan option, you and your employees can save significantly with a Skycare health plan.

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Skywell offers innovative corporate wellness solutions to help your employees thrive, whether that’s helping them reduce health risks, improve quality of life, or adopt and sustain healthy behaviors.

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Grade on measures of health equity, value and outcomes, according to Lown Institute’s 2022 list of America’s most socially responsible hospitals



locations within a 15 minute drive from anywhere in Cuyahoga County



savings in adjusted costs compared to traditional Preferred Provider Organization plans