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A vast medical network.
Tailored to your employees.

Break free from the status quo of traditional insurance.

With Skyway, your employees receive top quality health care from nearly 1,000 providers at 30+ locations. And because we design a customized plan for your company, you contract directly with Skyway to design a health plan that provides value by saving you—and your employees—money.

We offer two key programs for your employees’ health and wellness: Skycare and Skywell.


An integrated medical network

A customized health network option for self-funded employers, Skycare gives members access to experienced providers with proven outcomes. Whether a full replacement for insurance or an additional health plan option, you and your employees can save significantly compared to other plans. Even more, Skycare simplifies today’s complex health care experience with a streamlined solution that delivers great care to patients.

Key Benefits:
  • Flexible, cost-effective option offered as a full replacement or additional health plan option
  • Savings of hundreds, even thousands, of dollars compared to other plan choices
  • Full access to an exclusive network of top-quality providers and specialists
  • Proven population health programs to enhance value and improve care
  • Dedicated Skyway team to personally assist members
  • Only one number to call for questions, scheduling, and health care navigation
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An innovative wellness solution

Taking care of your employees’ overall well-being is a priority, from helping employees actively engage in healthy habits to preventing chronic disease such as hypertension or diabetes. With Skywell, we’ll custom-design wellness solutions to fit your culture and priorities. Whether it’s reducing health risks, improving quality of life, or adopting and sustaining healthy behaviors, Skywell offers innovative solutions to help your employees thrive.

Plans may include:
  • Wellness plan development, including cultural support and change interventions
  • Measurement and evaluation
  • Activities and events to engage employees year-round
  • Interactive wellness portal and app
  • Health coaching (virtual and in-person)
  • Health risk assessments
  • Onsite biometric screenings, immunizations, and other employee-focused programs
  • Health and safety workplace assessments
  • Social drivers of health programs, such as confidential screenings to identify social risk factors, community resources, and comprehensive aggregate reporting for employers
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Wellness at work

The Skywell program helped an employer with 6,000+ employees avoid increases in health costs for over 4 years!