Unique, customized healthcare solutions designed to provide great care, and significant cost savings. With close to 1,000 providers at close to 30 convenient locations, health management and wellness resources have never been easier to reach.

MetroHealth Select is now Skyway — we are still the same people, with the same mission: Health care designers with a passion for elevating the entire community. We are committed to creating the most coordinated and affordable health solutions for business and individuals to get the happiest and healthiest life they possibly can.

Skyway’s line of care management solutions offer levels of health care customizable to
any employer or individual situation. Read more below or contact us now to get started.

Employer Solutions

Find the right solution to improve employee’s health while controlling costs


• Cost-effective
• For self-funded employers
• Flexible and adaptable
• Access to MH network
• Formerly MH Select

Celestial Healthcare

• Shared savings
• Advanced analytics
• Chronic care management
• Transparent pricing
• 5+ employees

Health-e Ohio

• Tiered plan
• Low deductibles
• Chose your provider
• Reports & admin services
• 10+ employees

SkyCare Prime

• 3 ACA-compliant options
• Primary & specialty care
• Inpatient & surgical coverage
• Pharmacy benefits

SkyCare Onsite

Primary care coverage delivered onsite or near-site at your organization.

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Consumer Solutions

Top doctors. Lower out-of-pocket costs. Direct from Skyway

SkyCare Direct

Meet the minimum essential coverage requirements for your employees


Personalized primary care practice providing premium, amenity-based memberships with an extraordinary relationship experience

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Provides flexibility to access excellent care, from a remote location on a computer or mobile device when it is most convenient

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Custom Designed

Options for each employer

Greater Access

24/7 access to care from any location


With MetroHealth System and EMR


Services include assessment, diagnosis and prescriptions

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Unique Solutions

Your business needs can be unique. As a true partner, we are happy to work with you to craft the best solution to benefit your organization

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Total customization based on your specific needs


Flexibility to create what works best for you


Innovative approach to reach your goals

Great care

Expert care from Health System physicians


Skyway’s line of wellness solutions

SkyWell Healthy

Customized online wellness platform. Provides members with tools and activities to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors.

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When employees feel good, they’re engaged and energized 
in all aspects of life

Proactive Health

Wellness promotion helps prevent chronic disease

Engaging Employees

Rewards and contests entice program participation


Healthier employees are happier, more productive, and use less sick time

SkyWell Healthy Basic

Customized version of the SkyWell Healthy online wellness platform. Also includes comprehensive workplace assessment, data summary, and annual wellness progress report.

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Data verification services


Annual comprehensive workplace assessment

Complete Health

Annual wellness progress report

Data Assessments

Recommendations from workplace assessment and online wellness platform

SkyWell Healthy Plus

Customized version of the SkyWell Healthy Basic online wellness platform. Also includes personal health coaching.

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Annual comprehensive workplace health and safety assessment

Tracked Progress

Annual wellness progress report

Annual Report

Summary report from workplace assessment and online wellness platform

Personal Guidance

Personal health coaching for members

SkyWell Healthy Premium

Customized version of the SkyWell Healthy Plus online wellness platform. Also includes population health management.

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Annual comprehensive workplace assessment

Tracked Progress

Annual wellness progress report

Personal Guidance

Personal health coaching for members

Workplace Health

Population Health Management


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    Why Skyway?

    Health costs continue to rise.

    Health costs continue to rise.

    Skyway was created to help the local business economy and their employees with rising health care costs. You can expect significant savings with Skyway from inpatient charges and emergency department visits to ancillary testing.

    customized solutions

    Customized solutions.

    Skyway leads the way by listening, personalizing innovative solutions, and delivering the best coordinated care for the best price.


    Top care at a great value.

    Skyway provides access to an integrated network of excellent physicians and staff providing top quality care. With the Skyway network, employees and employers can save hundreds, even thousands, as compared to the other plan choices.


    The best team.

    Our dedicated team will provide members with an outstanding, personalized health care experience. Through our exclusive SkyConnect line, we will schedule appointments, offer information about providers, and assist with any questions or concerns that may arise.

    Interested? Contact us.