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Clear skies for better health care.

Skyway is an integrated health care network that allows self-funded employers to customize a health plan for their employees.

Instead of working through a traditional insurance company or a third-party administrator, you negotiate directly with Skyway for services and coverage levels. Skyway’s innovative approach allows companies to create a customized solution for high-quality, convenient, and affordable medical coverage. And we back up your health plan with personalized support. The Skyway customer care team provides health care navigation, scheduling, and other services that simplify your health care experience. At Skyway, we’re focused on ensuring your employees receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time, for the right price—a mission that serves employers and employees alike.

Our members

Local employers of all sizes have chosen Skyway for their employee health care needs.

Our team

Eileen Seeholzer, MD, MS

Medical Director, MetroHealthy Employee Wellness Initiative, and Skywell Medical Director

Dr. Seeholzer leads the MetroHealthy Workplace Population Health Team. The team helps companies identify opportunities to meaningfully improve workplace and worker health, through wellness initiatives, benefits structure, and workplace policy.

Denise Smith

Manager, Member Experience & Client Services

Denise manages all aspects of Skyway for employers and employees. Denise also directs the wellness solutions, care navigation, and marketing communications.

Ryan Johnson, MBA, MS

Executive Director, Business Operations and Analytics

Ryan directs business operations and manages data analytics, pricing review, strategic reporting, and product development for Skyway.

Elizabeth While, MBA

Program Coordinator

Liz is responsible for program coordination, project management, and administrative support to Skyway senior executives.

Sandra Koza, LPN

Member Liaison Specialist

Sandy provides assistance to members navigating their health care needs, including finding clinical/ancillary resources both within and outside The MetroHealth System. She travels onsite for biometric screening events, performing individual testing for members and providing individualized education based on results.

Ashley Yee, MEd, CHES, OCPSA

Skyway Wellness Specialist

Ashley is responsible for the implementation and evaluation of workplace wellness initiatives and programs. She is also a certified health coach.