You are our top priority.

As a Skyway member, your health care needs are our first priority. That’s why we provide multiple channels to help you select physicians, schedule appointments, find locations and access your health information.


SkyConnect is the one number to call. Dedicated staff will assist you 
with appointment scheduling, any questions and overall customer service. 
You can also fill out the form below. 216-778-8818 

New Locations Available!

SkyCare members can access both the MetroHealth System and Lake Health*. When accessing Lake Health, all services must be rendered at Lake Health facilities with the exception of the Lake Health Beachwood Medical Center – this location is NOT included in the network and will not be covered under this plan. Click here to see all available locations. Visit Lake Health for information on hours and services.
*Check with your Human Resources Department to see if Lake Health is covered under your benefits.



Where can I go if there is a medical emergency?

In a medical emergency, go to the nearest emergency department. You will be required to pay a copay.

Where must I go for an inpatient hospital stay?

MetroHealth now offers 3 locations for inpatient hospitalization. MetroHealth Medical Center, 2500 MetroHealth Drive, Cleveland (off of West 25th Street, just down the street from the Westside Market). In addition, MetroHealth has reimagined the hospital experience by opening two new medical centers in Cleveland Heights and Parma. To find out more about the new hospitals, visit or

Where can I get a prescription filled?

MetroHealth providers will e-prescribe your medication to the location of your choice. MetroHealth pharmacies also offers 11 pharmacy locations. Visit for the latest information. MetroHealth pharmacies can sometimes provide brand name prescriptions at a lower cost. Contact us and we will check the prescription for you.

Can I get my prescriptions sent to my home if I take them daily?

Yes. MetroHealth offers home delivery for maintenance prescriptions taken daily. Call 216-957-MEDS (6337) or visit for information.
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    Meet the Team

    Eileen Seeholzer, MD, MS

    Medical Director, MetroHealthy Employee Wellness Initiative

    Dr. Seeholzer leads the MetroHealthy Workplace Population Health Team. The team helps companies identify opportunities to meaningfully improve workplace and worker health, through wellness initiatives, benefits structure, and workplace policy.

    Denise Smith

    Manager, Member Experience & Client Services

    Denise manages all aspects of Skyway for employers and employees. Denise also directs the wellness solutions, care navigation and marketing/communications.

    Ryan Johnson, MBA, MS

    Director, Business Operations/Analytics

    Ryan directs business operations and manages data analytics, pricing review, strategic reporting, and product development for Skyway. 

    Elizabeth While, MBA

    Program Coordinator

    Liz is responsible for program coordination, project management, and administrative support to Skyway senior executives.

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